Saturday, September 20, 2008


The first three weeks of a baby's life they pretty much sleep 24/7 . At three weeks it ends, forever! Their world now begins to operate like ours, meaning, daytime and nighttime. A day is 12 hours and I will use 7am as their wake up time. From 7am to 7pm your baby should sleep a maximum of 6 hours, I know this sounds like a small amount of time but the key here is to understand the amount of time they sleep in the nightime. From 7pm to 7am they should sleep for 12 hours (except for the 30 minutes when they have their last feeding at 11pm) your baby should be eating every four hours at this point. If you are using the 6, 10, 2, 6, 10 then the last feeding is at 10pm. If you are using the 8, 12, 4, 8, 12 then the last feed is at midnight, 7, 11, 3, 7, 11 last feeding is at 11pm. The 9am, 1, 5, 9, and 1am is not an option, if you think about these times they just don't work the last feeding would be at 1am. I recommend the 7, 11, etc. After every feeding that takes 30 minutes it's time for sleep. Here's the daytime routine feed, burp, change, love and kisses, sleep (7:30am) at 9:30 your baby is still sleeping, wake baby up and keep him awake until 11:00am, from 9:30-11:00am is only an hour and a half. Good time to bathe, or go for a walk, hug, kiss, love on the baby. Lay him in his crib, for 5 or 10 minutes let him look at his mobile, he or she eventually will begin to occupy himself using his senses, sight, sound, etc. At 11am trust me baby is hungry, and tired an hour and a half awake time is a lot for a baby, feed baby, etc., by 11:30am baby should be back in crib. Follow this rountine for the remainder of the day. One more time so I know you understand. 11:30am baby is back in crib, at 1:30 you wake baby up at 3pm you feed baby and then sleep and at 5:30 you wake baby up feed at 7pm and you are done for the day. At 7pm baby now sleeps all the way through to the 11pm feeding, wake baby up at 11pm feed (this should be the quietest feeding you want baby to eat and go right back to sleep this is not the time to stimulate baby) back to sleep and sleeps until 7am. Should baby wake up in the middle of the night, check baby, let baby know you're there, if at all possible don't pick baby up, and DO NOT FEED THE BABY, they do not need this feeding any longer. In three nights your baby will be sleeping through the night. I've done it, it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ciao (Chow)

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Anonymous said...

how and when do you stop the 11PM dream feed? do you go cold turkey at 6mos? do you give them less and less in the bottle? do you water the milk down? I am curious?

please e-mail me or write a note on your site to address this if you have an answer. thanks!