Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feeding Baby

From start to finish a feeding should take 30 minutes, I repeat from start to finish, whether your baby is breast fed or bottle fed. If you already are in a situation where your baby is taking an hour or longer at a feeding you can make some simple adjustments and turn it around. Just apply the following suggestions. When baby first comes home remember their world is about to change, they've been asleep for nine months! At their first at home feeding 99% of the time after about 5 minutes of eating they fall asleep. Within the hour they are awake and crying, mommy feeds again and rightfully so the baby is hungry. Same thing happens, these times of course will vary but baby is ususally eating every two hours but most of the time even less. Do this for an entire day and guess who's tired? Yes, mommy. Do it for a couple of weeks, guess who is really tired? Yes, mommy. It doesn't have to be this way. Try this. Let's say first feeding is at 2pm. Next feeding is 4 hours later at 6pm. Next feeding is 10pm and so on. Baby now is eating every four hours. You ask how is this possible? I'm about to tell you. At that first feeding (2pm) baby eats for 5 - 10 minutes falls alseep, wakes up within two hours - Do not feed baby. Wait until 6pm do whatever you can to stall - hold them, bathe them, just don't feed the baby. Guess who's hungry? Yes, baby! They will eat longer this time therefore will not be hungry in 10 minutes. Doesn't this make sense? It's so simple. Do this consistently and in just a few days your baby is eating every four hours. In the beginning if you can't hack 4 hours, feed in 3 and a half (no sooner than this). This only takes about a day or two before baby eats like a champ at each feeding. The baby will be hungry when feeding time comes around that first day. They will eat a lot more, resulting in a happier, satisfied baby. If breast feeding the first 3 weeks should be 10 minutes on each breast after that 20 minutes on the right and next feeding 20 minutes on the left. At 3-4 weeks the middle of the night feeding (2am) gets eliminated (I'll get to that at another writing) so the first feeding of the day should be 10 minutes on right and 10 minutes on left and then 20 minutes right, left for the remainder of the day. During the first 10 minutes of breast feeding the baby gets 95% of their milk after that your breast can become a human pacifier if your not careful. Never is their a need for baby to be on breast for more than 20 minutes. If you need more specific information just send your question to ljscanz@yahoo.com Ciao (chow)

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