Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keep a journal

I really wish I had kept a journal during the time by own children were growing up. I didn't. And anyone out there with children, nieces, nephews from the age of about 3 yrs and up, say and do the funniest things. You really think you are going to remember them but you won't and if you haven't started a journal it's never too late; unless you're me of course and with my youngest now 25 years old what would I journal about, the eating habits of the young and restless! And, all a journal involves is about 10 bucks and a few minutes a day to eventually own something priceless you and your family will enjoy. Don't procrastinate go journal shopping now, you'll be happy you did. There are only a few stories I remember about my children and if I may I'd like to share one of them that I cherish with you now.

We decided to take a trip to the zoo with our three youngest children, Maria was 7, Michael was 5 and Adam was 3. Someone had given my husband a parking pass and as we were driving through the lot looking for an empty spot Michael the 5 yrs old said, "Daddy, there's a spot" my husband replied, "Michael, that spot is for the handicapped people." Michael responded with a very simple, "Oh." We circled around again and Adam our 3 yr old said, "Daddy, there's a spot" as he pointed to the exact same spot. At this point before anyone could say anything Michael the 5 yr old said to his brother, "No Adam that's for the handicapped people we're the Scanzano family." Hope this made you laugh if even just a chuckle. Ciao (chow)
p.s. Really wish I had kept a journal.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely L O V E that story! I just laughed almost as hard as the first time I heard it. Grrreat posts all around, btw! xo

All Things Beautiful said...

The first time I heard that story I couldn't breathe for five minutes.