Thursday, September 11, 2008


Good morning! Decided to write again today. The basis of my expert advice comes from one word "structure". You know in real estate their motto is "location, location, location" well mine is "structure, structure, structure" balanced with tons and tons of love and quality time you can't go wrong! Here is a story I would like to share. A study was done with a kindergarten class. Everyday they went out to the school yard for recess. A fence surrounded the school yard and when the children would run out the door of the school onto the school yard they would scatter all over the place, running and having fun. The fence was removed over the weekend and on Monday when the children were sent out, same school yard, same procedures, all of them just kind of stopped and huddled in the center of the school yard. Their STRUCTURE was removed leaving them confused. Children need structure and thrive on it! Think about it, when you put things in order in your adult life how much better do you feel? When you know exactly what your going to be doing it actually clears your mind allowing you to function at a higher level. Thanks for reading I hope it helps. Ciao (chow)

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MIchelle Scanzano said...

Victoria thrives in the environment of structure. I believe this has also helped her adjust to pre-school!