Sunday, September 21, 2008

TRAIN (it's a little long, but worth the read)

If you've been reading my blogs you'll remember a few blogs ago I shared a verse from Proverbs, "train up a child in the way he should go....... (if you don't know the rest of the verse you will have to go back and read my blog entitled "The tree").

I did some research on the word "train." Many times we read or hear words and we think we know what they mean and we do to a certain degree, but let's look at this word just a little bit deeper. These definitions for the word train are found in the Merriam-Websters Dictionary.

train - create by teaching, instruction in preparation for a particular role, train by instruction or practice esp. self control, prepare someone for a future role, teach/supervise, train to grow in a certain way.

Parents assume (and I was one of them) children will know what to do or how to do it just because. This is so false. I would like to share a personal story for example.

The first time and I literally mean the first time I had any concept of money I was sixteen years old. Can you imagine? The high school I attended found jobs for students during summer vacation and I was hired as a switchboard operator (the switchboard was the one with the headphones and wire plugs). At this point in my life (remember I was an only child and had OCS (only child syndrome) my mother decides to teach me about money, the entire lesson consisted of just a few words, "Save your money" that was it, beginning and end of the lesson. Periodically she would throw it out there, "Save your money." My first pay check was $167.00 and keep in mind this was in 1967, 41 years ago. I don't remember but it probably covered about 3 weeks worth of work. Well, when I saw that check, I popped a gasket, you would have thought I struck oil. My father cashed the check for me due to the fact that not only did I not have my own account, I didn't even know where the bank was. That money was in my wallet for about 12 hours at most, and you got it, gone, gone, gone, I spent it faster than a speeding bullet! And continued to spend money in this fashion well into my late twenties. Did my parents ever take me to the bank, open a savings account, show me how money add's up when you save, teach me about earning interest, take me to the bank with birthday money, graduation money, NO! they never did. Granted, some 16 year olds know what to do, I wasn't one of them, I needed to be trained in the area of finances. I believe things would be different today if my parents didn't assume I would learn the lesson from just "Save your money". And you wanna hear the really sad part, I did the exact same thing with my own children. You think it would be the opposite, but it wasn't. Do you see how training your child will trickel down to your grandchildren. Don't assume your children will know when, what and where, teach them, show them, supervise them, prepare them for life. Life will teach them but it can be very cruel, if you teach them it will be bathed in love and this is so much easier on them and you! Ciao (chow)

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