Sunday, September 28, 2008


A few blogs ago I talked about socks on baby's feet, if you missed it go back and take a peek. Today is undershirt day! Let's look at adults first, men wear undershirts or tuck their shirts into their pants, or wear a polo that passes their belt by about 6 -8 inches. At times women wear tank tops under their tops, or a dress, or slacks and a top that also passes their waist line by about 6 inches or so. Therefore, when an adult man or woman lift their arms or bend to pick something up, their belly's or backs are not exposed. Now for a child its a little different, without an undershirt when they lift their arms, bend, stretch, roll on the floor, their little belly's and backs are exposed, so naturally an undershirt prevents this. I'm not talking about 80 degree weather. And yet why do I see tons of babies, toddlers, young children without undershirts. My own nieces, nephew, etc. My very good friend ran a day care from her home. She was so frustrated by children coming without undershirts she actually purchased them in a variety of sizes and would have the children wear them during the time they were with her. They sell undershirts for a reason, go buy some please. Ciao (chow)

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