Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't look back

When baby first comes home, from the very beginning, day one, mommy and daddy are adjusting. I'm speaking to first time parents. Whether you've been married for 9 months, or 9 years or even 9 days (I hope this isn't the case) your life as you knew it will NEVER be the same! It's over, kiss it goodbye, but oh it's so worth it. Even though you have mentally prepared for parenthood, read the books, the nursery is just about finished, this is what you've waited for, planned for (in some cases). Lets take me for a moment if I may (like who's gonna stop me it's my blog) in reference to the planning part. My husband and I were married in 1970, we found the cutest little apartment where we grew up in South Philadelphia (Go eagles!). The landlord was a decent woman in her seventies but as mean as a pit bull. We were petrified of her, but the apartment was clean, cute and what we could afford (99.00 a month, utilities included). She offered to have all the rooms painted in the colors we liked AND new carpet was going to be installed also in the colors of our choice. Obviously, she wanted long term renters. However, there was one stipulation - NO CHILDREN absolutley no children. We informed her we weren't planning on having children for the next five years, we were going to save money, do some traveling, buy a house, etc. We were married in October and I was pregnant by February. What were we going to tell the pit bull? It took us until June to finally get up the nerve, well actually we had no choice, I was beginning to look like I was on a mega dose of steroids. We did tell her, she smiled, wished us the best, and I will never forget her next words, plain and simple, "Get Out!" So much for planning.

I really did get off track here I have a tendcncy to do this, a lot! Anyway, your life of course will change and honestly some things you will miss, like taking a shower with the door closed, opening a cabinet that doesn't have a child proof lock, walking out the your front door with just your purse, just little simple things that are pretty much GONE! Nevertheless, so worth it.

Don't look back, this is what some of you planned for, however, there are some of you that did not. Either way baby is here, to stay. If you're very young you'll grow together, if you're older share your wisdom. Relax, breathe, enjoy, hide your lipstick. Everything will be okay, love, love, love, your new baby and you're new life. Will you make mistakes, yes! Will it be okay, yes!

I truly loved being pregnant, and I know you are going to think this is nuts, but I loved giving birth, I love being a mother, and I love being a grandmother, I love being a mother-in-law - all the time? No. Most of the time, yes! Ciao (Chow)

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, I got teary-eyed when I pulled up your page and looked at all the pictures & descriptions!!! Thank you for loving me like your own! Love you SO much xoxo
AND, exactly... 62 hours and 13 minutes til I'm in Philly!!!! YAY!