Thursday, October 2, 2008

18 yr old divas

Listen to me. It's never too late. So, you created a completely materialistic girl! Don't take all the blame, TV just keeps adding fuel to the fire! Peer's do not help the situation! And, this we all know, for years we have been living in materialistic world, and for sure this is nothing new. And everyone of us is guilty, it's just different degrees. We say, how can she spend 1500.00 on a handbag. We all know if we were in a position to spend 1500.00 we would, you're telling a story if you don't agree. If someone is earning lets say 250,000.00 a year and purchases a 2000.00 handbag that's about 1% of their yearly income. Now, if someone is earning 50,000.00 a year any purchases a handbag for 300.00 now lets see that would be about....1% of their income as well. At one time or another we have all gotten caught up in this crazed fashion call it whatever world! I refuse to even bring shoes into this blog! Talk about losing control. Anyway I did it again I went off on a tangent. So Sorry. Here we go...back to the 18 yr old diva, did I say it's not her fault? Yes, I did. So how do we attempt to fix this...there are a few ways you can begin. Teach her how to shop! I repeat teach her how to shop. There are plenty of bargains, go to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, etc. It's amazing what you can find. I bought a coat in TJ Maxx for 50 bucks and honestly I saw the exact same coat in Strawbridges (they are gone now) for 175. Show her a budget, show her YOUR budget, show her the bills when they come in, show her how much interest you are paying on the credit card (I know that's how most of us shop), LET HER CONTRIUBTE. It is absolutely incredible how different they become when they are using their own money. It truly is like a split personality. If they are in high school and involved in sports, theatre, whatever and there truly isn't anytime for a part time job then make a list of chores they can do for you and put an amount on each chore and you pay them accordingly and from the money they earn they then contribute to paying the bill for the "things" you've purchased for them. Or, lets say they are in college, and you're paying, party's over, bare essentials is what they are entitled to at this point. Summer jobs - a must. This is when they save for the school year when they can't work. Get them involved, stop protecting them, let them see what it's really about. They are old enough now to understand LIFE. Mortgage, cell phone, cable, water, heat, car insurance, food, all of it. Show them the bills, I'm not saying scare the living daylights out of them, just bring them to an understanding that there is a time in everyone's life when we go from our teen years of mommy gimme, gimme, gimme to a young adult. Responsible, contributing (I don't care if it's 20.00 a week, it's something, take it). It is never too late to start! I will write on this topic again soon!
p.s. For all those who have children from 4 yrs. to 18 yrs. take them to the bank with you when you put money into their savings. If you don't have a savings for them as yet, shame on you go right now and open that account. e.g. From birth to 18 yrs saving 20.00 per week would yield with interest about 20,000.00. on your child's 18th birthday. I sure wish my parents would have handed me a 20,000.00 check on my 18th birthday! And this is just a basic savings account!!!!!!
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